Our association was born out of our desire to offer our expertise in the management of the matters that punctuate the daily life of a company. Over the years, we have acquired specific skills and in-depth knowledge in various fields. Our professional background is a perfect illustration of our desire to provide support based on the search for practical, effective and essential solutions...

Our firm


Our association is characterised by a light structure composed of partners who have acquired over the years specific skills and increased knowledge in various fields.

This professional background perfectly illustrates the complementary nature of the services we wish to offer our clients. One of our objectives is to provide a personalised quality service and a real availability to our clients.

Our approach is based on the following principles

Our approach is based on accompanying and supporting our clients in all areas of law, both in advice and litigation.


In accordance with the professional rules governing our profession, our firm works in complete transparency. From the very first interview, the question of fees is clearly addressed.

Our usual method of charging our fees is linked to an hourly rate determined according to the complexity of the case, the degree of urgency, the seniority and the specialisation of the lawyer.

We can also propose, in consultation with the client, other methods more suited to his expectations such as fixed price formulas or profit sharing.

As a general rule, provisions are regularly invoiced in order to allow clients to organise the budget necessary for our intervention as best as possible. We are also careful to provide regular and precise justification of the services provided and the costs incurred.

We are also very careful to ensure that our fees are in line with our clients' needs.


Our Association aims to offer a solution to all problems encountered in the life of a company or an individual. Thus, business law, social law, criminal law, tenancy law, foreigners' law and intellectual property law are, among other things, among the matters that our Association deals with.

Business law

Employment law

Criminal law

Tenancy law

Foreigners' law

Intellectual property law

Our team

Our Association is composed of lawyers with complementary and multidisciplinary skills, concerned with assisting the client at both the litigation and advisory stages. Our team has acquired specific skills and in-depth knowledge in various fields. Our professional background is a perfect illustration of our desire to provide effective support to our clients.

Olivier Gérain


Olivier Gerain is a lawyer and has been a partner at GLS since 2016.

He holds a bachelor of law from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), followed a supplementary programme in tax law at the ESSF and has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 1981.

He is a former mediator in civil and commercial matters.

Olivier began his career as a lawyer specialising in private and commercial leases and tax law. He currently advises a clientele of SMEs and self-employed clients in all aspects of commercial law. He advises them in particular on the restructuring of the management of their legal departments, this service ranging from the drafting of their general terms and conditions to the development and implementation of a better follow-up of their overdue invoices and the recovery of the amounts of these unpaid invoices. In this respect, he has developed important Belgian and European networks of corresponding parties who can represent his clients in Belgium.

Olivier also assists his clients in rental and property disputes.

He is fluent in French, has a good written knowledge of Dutch and English and does not hesitate to call upon his multilingual partners in the management of his files.

VAT : BE 0816 339 132
Fee account : BE23 6300 2201 2591
Third party account : BE51 6303 2011 0062

Isabelle Andoulsi


Isabelle Andoulsi has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2003.

Having worked as a legal counsel in other EU Member States, she began her career as a lawyer in one of the biggest international law firms. She set up her own law firm in 2010 and joined GLS in March 2014.

Her practice covers competition law, unfair trade practices, intellectual property and e-commerce.

As a researcher at the Centre de Recherche, Information, Droit et Société of the University of Namur, as well as at the Institute of European Studies of the ULB, on the issues of personal and medical data processing and exchange, she specialised in privacy, patients’ rights and health professionals’ liability. She regularly provides legal advice on these subjects to general practitioners and specialists, NGOs, associations, information service providers, among others, for the implementation of telemedicine applications and systems and the creation of databases.

She is an expert on these subjects for the European Commission and the Belgian Senate.

She has written numerous legal articles, co-authored a work on Belgian competition law and has participated in seminars and conferences in Europe and around the world.

She speaks French, English and Dutch and is proficient in Spanish.

VAT : BE 0816 454 839
Fee account : BE41 0014 1475 5710
Third party account : BE68 6303 2073 7734

Francine Bui


Francine Bui is a lawyer and has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2005.

After completing her law studies at the ULB in Brussels in 2003, she moved to the United States and obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern New Hampshire University in 2005.

She returned to Brussels and after working in various multidisciplinary law firms, she considered developing her own law firm but decided in March 2014 to join GLS with several of her colleagues.

She specialises in commercial law, civil law, contract law, tenancy law and company law.

She handles cases such as legal counsel, negotiations and lawsuits.

Her clients include various firms as well as individuals.

She regularly advises several social housing firms and social real estate agencies.

She is also a lecturer at the EPFC (Enseignement de Promotion et de Formation Continue).

She is fluent in French and English and has a good knowledge of Vietnamese.

VAT : BE 0816 483 444
Fee account : BE94 7340 1506 4614
Third party account : BE06 7350 1608 6022

Arpi Mouradian


Arpi Mouradian is a lawyer and has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2013.

She obtained a Master’s degree in law, specialising in European Law, from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in 2011.

After completing an internship at the CJEU (Luxembourg, 2011) and working as a legal counsel and mediator in a public administration, she undertook an internship at the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (London, 2013).

She began her internship as a lawyer at Actor Juris Law Firm then joined GLS in 2014.

She specialises in civil law, tenancy law, immigration law and criminal law.

She is fluent in French, Dutch, English and Armenian.

TVA : BE 0540 726 597
Fee account : BE02 6300 2502 4140
Third party account : BE48 6303 2094 0727


SAMIRA LAMHASNI (works in collaboration with GLS)

Samira Lamhasni has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2014.

She holds a Master's degree in law with a specialisation in civil and criminal justice from the Catholic University of Louvain (2010) and an LLM in social law from the Free University of Brussels (ULB) (2014).

After working in the private sector, she started her career at Lallemand & Legros and then continued her activity in the employment law department of Van den berg & Partners.

She joined GLS in March 2021.

Her practice covers labour law, social security law and social criminal law.

She speaks French, English and Arabic.

VAT : BE 0546 942 121
Fee account : BE21 3631 3421 5203
Third party account: BE46 6304 3627 4636

Pauline MOTTET

Pauline MOTTET (works in collaboration with GLS)

Pauline Mottet has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2015.

She holds a Master in Law from the University of Liège (2014) and an LLM in European Law from the University of Maastricht (2015).

She started her internship at the law firm Altius in 2015. She then joined the law firm Van den berg & Partners in 2016, where she was part of the Picard legal team and mainly practised immigration, foreigners and nationality law. She has been a lawyer at GLS since 2021.

Her practice mainly covers immigration and nationality law. For her, the foundation of each case is listening to the client, clarity and trust, in order to determine the solution best suited to the client's situation.

She works in French and English.

VAT : BE 0636 962 673
Fee account : BE21 3770 6941 9503
Third party account: BE12 6304 3191 5292

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